Facebook – shaping mum’s world!

I wrote a quote on the calendar at work the other week and someone else wrote ‘Like’ underneath!  We are all being shaped by facebook.  I’m not quite shaped by twitter yet – I have just started on it, and haven’t got the hang of it – but I will!   The thing is on facebook you have to keep your status fairly short, but if you are a motor mouth (shush please, no need to be personal!) then you can just use the comment box to add the rest.  Took a while but I can reword things to keep the word count down when I need to.  And if I can’t I can just come in here to the blog and let it all out!  So, I realised today that facebook is training us to be succinct, to the point, and fairly dramatic.  Let’s face it, those of us who are trying to work out what to cook for dinner are interested in what you’re having, everyone else is rolling their eyes.  Although I may start coming up with some interesting Aussie dishes to post on fb just for fun soon.   So if you’ve had a fairly ho hum day, it needs some spicing up.  If something good or bad happens, you start trying to reword it in your head so you can get it onto one status update when you get home, or to your iphone!  Of course, if you’re using predictive texting it’s often spicy.  Nothing like taking the kids to the park to watch the dicks on the pond!  It’s amazing how things can seem so much more interesting after you’ve had to rework it to go on facebook – things become so much more dramatic;  so much sadder;  so much happier;  and if you have fb friends like mine – so much funnier by the time they have commented on it!  It actually makes you change your attitude to what’s happened in your life, by putting it in a new light.  So fb may actually be doing a community service.  I have an argument with a teenager, or all of them, but by the time I’ve fb’d it and chuckled at all my friends comments I’m feeling quite human again.  It’s like they talk about constructive thought processes?  doesn’t sound anywhere near as much fun as ‘fb thought processes’ and a lot more social on fb too.  So thank you fb – you’re working on my mental health as well as my global reach and my contact with friends situation.  You must be awesome too.

Twitter….well I’ll let you know about that!  It’s going to be a challenge of course!  Under 140 letters/numbers.  So far, I’ve tweeted my blog, but that’s cheating.  I’m working on it thought.  I need to learn how to move around on twitter and find myself and others, and if I had enough unshaped internet capacity it might be easier – nothing like a hobbled, old, un-techie trying to learn new tricks.  But they do say ‘You can’t keep a good woman down’ and ‘Only the good die young.’  So I’m covered, if I’m good I’ll be able to do it, and if I’m bad, I’ll have plenty of time left to learn in.  Life, there’s nothing else like it is there?  😉

And to think that without my neice who first made my facebook to show me some photos (thanks) and my kids to keep me online and up to date to catch them out – I could have missed all this.  Close shave!

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