Develop your whole potential

Christmas is over now. ¬†Thought I’d tell you just in case you hadn’t noticed! ūüėČ ¬†But New Year’s is just around the corner. ¬†Oh yeah! ¬†Normally I can’t get organised for New Year’s Eve Resolutions. ¬†Maybe that’s why my whole year seems to be a little..umm..unorganised? ¬†Usually I do the whole – Get your life organised and make it happen thing around my birthday. ¬†Well, let’s face it the middle of the year is not quite so frantic, and as it’s cold here in Australia, sitting down somewhere warm and making plans seems like a good thing. ¬†Especially if you add a glass of wine to the picture. ¬† Maybe a fire, a couple of cats? ¬†and a Kelpie or two! ¬†You might want to find a little corner for your wine, if one of the cat’s doesn’t walk across your lap and knock that glass of wine over, then that Knic Nac will – her tail is always busy waving around and it is just ‘coffee table’ high.

But this year I’m planning. ¬†Planning ahead. ¬†Really going to nail what I want out of life. ¬†And how to get it. ¬†Well, not totally how to get it. ¬†But the general directions. ¬†Because I really do believe that the clearer you are with your plans, the easier it is to keep focus, and go in the right direction. ¬† ¬†And I’m determined to get some things nailed this next year. ¬†What are they? ¬†Well, those will be my resolutions and I’ll be working on them for the next week. ¬†While I’m out there in the paddock, driving in and out of town, tidying up the house. ¬†I’m sorry (well no, not really) but ‘I just want to be happy’ ¬†and ‘World Peace’ just won’t do anymore. ¬†I want some specifics – you can always modify and specify as you go along, but I want to be sure that my idea of my immediate future and middle future are in focus and firming up as we go along. ¬†How easy is it to get side tracked? ¬†derailed even, in some cases. ¬†And at the end of the year you may find yourself still in the same place, or even further away than before. ¬† ¬†Fact is, I’m actually pretty productive, pretty organised when I have to be, pretty good at tracking things down, finding things out, and even finding people and getting people organised. ¬†So why can I do it for everyone else and not for me? ¬†Is it just laziness? ¬†Is it the old ‘Everyone is more important than me?’ ¬†Is it that I’m just too busy with everything and everyone else? ¬†Maybe a little of all. ¬†But what’s really missing is the drive behind what I want. ¬†And a little bit of ‘Should I really be thinking of myself like this?’ ¬† Thinking about yourself/myself is something that a lot of people struggle with. ¬†And I think that topic can do with it’s own post. ¬†As for the missing drive? ¬†Well, I’m going to harness up the Subliminal Messages again for that. ¬†I weighed myself again today – I know I’ve put a little bit on, around the muffin top, of course ;( ¬†But I haven’t really put much on, and I’m not eating like a horse over Christmas. ¬†I’ve been superstressed recently, and now have some more just for fun!

Develop Your Mind And Achieve Your Whole Potential

Our brains are unique, all of us is different, and as we grow and learn things we all progress slightly differently. We are all shaped differently and use our brains in different ways, some people for example have a positive experience in school and go on to study more and more. Others enjoy sports, they receive positive praise for their sporting achievements and start to put in a lot more practice – on the way developing the right mindset and patterns of thinking required for sports success.

Sadly, people also receive negative feedback – being told they are no good academically, or that they will never become successful in a certain area. This causes a negative reaction in our brains. Some neuro pathways close down and others open up, but essentially we limit our very own potential. This is a form of self protection by our brains – it stops you from experiencing the rejection and critique again, which is normal, but unfortunately it often limits us too..

As we grow into adults these patterns of behavior and self beliefs become a firm part of our personality, of who we are, and because of them we rarely live up to our full potential. However, ultimately you are still in control of your mind and you actually have the power to take control and make positive changes to your thoughts, beliefs, and such things as your self esteem and base levels of confidence.

Have a google on Brain Plasticity, about how you can take over and get some good connections going in your brain. ¬†For instance, that annoying thing on fb about Put up 3 things you’re grateful for, for 7 days….My first grateful would be: ¬†Grateful that I know to block your fb page for the next 7 annoying days….oops!

I have however been reading the brain plasticity thing, because it is the new ‘In’ thing atm. ¬†As a nurse, physically, emotionally and mentally you have to be on top of your patients wellbeing.

There’s lots of really interesting stuff there. ¬†Some of it is really awesome stuff – especially when you look at abused people, and brain injury people.

Of course, being me, the think that sticks in my brain is that you don’t actually have to find anything to be grateful for, to become a happier, more content person. ¬†Just thinking about whether you could be grateful about something apparently triggers the same response as being grateful ūüėÄ ¬†Oh I do love a shortcut!


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