Course I can, son!

What do you mean I can’t do it like that?  Course I can son…………now where’s me hacksaw?


We’re having a little bit of difficulty at the moment.  I’ve finely tuned the concept of just getting in and doing it the best way you can, in the time you have available, with the tools/equipment available, and hoping like crazy it works.


Techie 2 has the concept that you have to think things through totally.  No point in starting unless you’ve got it worked out in your head.  Got all the tools/equipment needed, and the time/people to complete it.


No, I’m sorry it just doesn’t work that way!  I don’t care if the line is cracked and we can’t pump water because of it – I’ve got a joiner thingy, and a couple of spanners and all I need is for you to hack out the broken bit with the hacksaw and we’ll stick the other bit in.

Or tie that wire up and we’ll sort the rest later.  Or do that techie thing and we’ll tweak it later.


Okay, so I know it would be lovely if the fences turned out straight – but there’s a horse coming in 3 days and a crooked fence is better than none.

And if the joiner doesn’t fit we’ll just find another one and keep adding to it till it does.

I like things done nicely, with due consideration…………..but I want to be able to flush the toilet more!


Techie2 has been helping me out with stuff on the farm…………but it’s not all beer and skittles I can tell you!  The fence is straight and the wire looked good but a roo got caught so I had to cut the wire 3 days later.  We’re still arguing how to best rejoin the 2 I had to cut.

I forced him to saw through the water pipe and use the joiner……….and it fit!  But I had a plan B, C, and D – just call me Dr Suess!

I’d love things to go well, with plans, and all you need.  But we just don’t have it all.  It would be lovely to have a ride-on mower, but we don’t so have just hand mowed a lot of a paddock.  Sometimes – you just have to do it and hope for the best!

Techie 2 doesn’t get that concept yet.  I’d like to win lotto or something so I could ‘not get that concept’ too.   In the meantime, anyone seen me hacksaw lately………………………..

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