Canteen Lady Arms

Well I’m not jumping on the scales as much these days – it’s amazing how the numbers change from day to day.  It’s like a zigzag pattern!  Losing weight and exercising – arrrgh I need some more time as well as motivation.  I love walking the dogs its peaceful, it’s beautiful.  Situps just don’t do it for me.  Still I’m wearing smaller sizes of clothes.  Yesterday I put a newish shirt on, just to see if I could cope with sucking my muffin top in all day and I didn’t have too!  I was pretty impressed!

I also noticed that my ‘Canteen Lady Arms’ are thinner.   I was informed I had AWEsome canteen lady arms one day when I was trying to reverse park the old ute at the mechanics.   With the amount of turn required on the steering wheel the teens were impressed with  my trembling canteen lady arms!  Thanks guys – NOT!  When I remarked about their bad manners to the mechanic (who I might add is not a teenager – and therefore keeps his remarks to himself – he had a twinkle in his eye although he made sure not to smile outright.)  So yes he knew what canteen lady  arms are.   I think it’s more of a male thing, this awareness of canteen lady arms.  I don’t hear my daughter talking about them, although I’m sure she knows what they are.  Canteen lady arms are those saggy bits of arm  between your armpit and your elbow.   If you still can’t locate them bring your arms up level with your shoulders, straight in front and then bend your arms upwards from elbow to wrist.  Like an L shape.  Then wiggle your elbows around, in sync if you are a coordinated type.  That floppy bit of under arm that is jiggling around are your canteen lady arms.  If you haven’t got any jiggly bits then you aren’t doing it right or you don’t have them (you cow.)

I’ve never been particularly good in the school canteen myself so think that it’s a bit much to be saddled with them!   I don’t think that cutting sandwiches and burning chicken nuggets (well I didn’t mean to!)   are what makes your arms saggy – but obviously cutting sandwiches doesn’t make them disappear either.  What’s the term for exercise that focus’ on specific areas that need tightening up and toning?  No idea, but I definitely need to do it!

Oh I’ve just asked the boys what the technical word for ‘canteen arms’ is and it is ‘fidoompahs.’  What a choice!

Yesterday I discovered that my canteen lady arms are less impressive than they used to be!  And that’s good news!  Altho I do need to do some exercise if I don’t want them to go from ‘jiggly’ to ‘flappy’ .   Weightloss is one thing, but I don’t wish to be like the saggy baggy elephant – or  the saggy baggy mumsy  instead when I’m finished.  Please God make me want to do exercises to tone up, yours sincerely Feral.

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