Can I help you with anything else today Madam??

Ahhh life!  There’s nothing quite as frustrating as it, is there?  😉


Telephone talk – can’t help that just recently we have had yet more of those telemarketers on the line.  My daughter never bothers to pass them over anymore.  She usually just tells them I’m out and they offer to phone back.


On a bad day (for them) I tell them I have no computer or laptop, and top it off with – I have no phone either.

Amazingly I was abused for that one – Madam – you are wasting both our times!  Absolutely, bye.


When my daughter told the last telemarketer that her computer was fine – about 8  times, he then told her she needed a ‘side-slap.’

And then told her she should hang up, and screamed at her when she told him she was going to.

Where do they get off phoning me up in my own home, on the phone I pay for, and abusing us?


Today I had the other sort of phone conversations.

The ones where they ask ‘How are you today?’  And really, they know they shouldn’t.


I recently changed companies for insurance.  Now I had one policy (which kept going up and up altho I’d not really had my house, car and horse float replaced at huge value.)   So I changed to a popular company.

I had to take in the rego papers for any vehicles, which is a first for me.


But you know, the worst thing was:  I had to take out 4 separate policies.

And those policies would require a twomonth payment in about 3 weeks and then a monthly payment on a different day of the month.

Although once the policies were into their 2nd (or 3rd, who can be sure) month they would all be coming out on the same date.  Separately.


I gritted my teeth.

I had to have a policy on a car with both companies first month to be entirely sure that it was covered by somebody.


The first (double instalment) for two policies came out of the bank account on separate days.  The third one should have come out at the same time as one of them.  However, it didn’t.

And I forgot to check on it, as the previous company swiped their money out of the other account whilst I wasn’t looking!

That policy was over, done with, finito!  Keep you filthy mitts off my hard earned cents!


So today, I checked.  And one new policy was taken out of my account. The horse float cover was not taken out before and they sent me a letter to say it had been cancelled because the money wasn’t taken out.

I call.

Lovely lady.  Yes, it’s true one of the payments has come out.  According to them the other one has as well (she doesn’t do floats so that will be another…..)


So, it will take a few days sometimes before the bank tells them that the money hasn’t come out (and that you weren’t covered I guess.)

I should ring back in a couple of days and talk with her again.  But at the moment we are ‘apparently’ covered.


Over to the float insurance lady.  Also very nice.  I do love having to tell the same story over, and over, and over.


The reason that the money was not taken out was because no bank details had been attached with the file.  That was probably because there were two policies from the same account on the same day.


Should I mention that if your company put the whole lot together, added the numbers up, and took one amount out of the account it would be so much flipping easier.   For you, for me, for the bank, and possibly even your company.


I’m becoming very skilled at talking with company representatives, and telling them what I think of their companies, their company policies and practises, without blaspheming, without personally attacking the representative on the end of the line.



I try to organise to do it when I have a cup of coffee, and possibly even some cheese and bickies to pass the time with, whilst they put me on hold and transfer me backwards and forwards between them.

With the weather looking so nice, I even sit near the window and admire the view (it’s cold outside.)


It’s becoming quite an entertaining time of day for me.


And so, after once more making arrangements for money to (supposedly) come out of my bank account each month, we parted on good terms.


And is there anything else I can help you with today, Madam?

Let me see…………….not unless you can put ‘that’







into ‘that’, then no.





But thanks for asking, anyway.



What do people without kids, animals and insurance companies do with their time?

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