Can I help it if I have an evil mind?

Well, maybe I can help it, but I don’t want to!


Today we went to some nurseries to get some plants, to get some ideas, and to have a little downtime.


At the last nursery as we got out of the car we saw some statues and things to put in the garden.


And this is one of them!


Wow!  You have to laugh, as we live out of town.  And people are not totally antisocial, but they do quite like their privacy.


They do also like to know everything that is going on with everyone else!


Currently we have black plastic held down with tyres to solarise the african love/hate grass.  And everyone keeps asking what it is.  They can see it from the road, and are obviously wondering.


When we got rid of our black cows (traded them for a kitchen,)  I wanted to buy some black metal cows that I’d seen in the area.  I really liked looking out and seeing the cows.  It felt friendly.


And then I couldn’t help thinking…I’ll just make the supports for the cows portable, so that I can move them around from time to time, so people driving past will think…They’re not real.  And then they’ll wonder…because they are always in a different spot!


I just can’t help myself.


So today when I saw this…


 mini cannon


I said to Son – hey we should get that and we can put it on the top of the hill in front of the house, pointing towards the road…….and we can have some wires on it, so when I’m feeling tired and resting on the deck, I can make it follow the cars as they drive past!


Son had a laugh, not sure if he was laughing at how it might make the drivers feel, or laughing at his mad mother.  But then he said – and we could make some smoke come out of it occasionally!  YES!


I know, I know, I’m a sad person!  But really, if they are watching the road instead of checking out my paddocks they wouldn’t even notice!


And no, I didn’t buy it, and I’m not planning to make one either.


But if I can’t have a little privacy, then I don’t see why I can’t have just a little harmless fun instead!


another picture of the mini cannon


And then I couldn’t load the photos by bluetooth from the phone, so I had to send them to my fb – thinking that I’d load them and delete them before anyone saw them……yeah right, lady down the road wants to know if it’s for the ex?  🙂  Oh well, I guess I just wasn’t thinking of all the uses for it!

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