Books are a readers Best Friend!

Best friend’s are always there for you.  Even when you’re not much fun.  Especially when you are a lot of fun, and all those boring times in between – it’s what Best Friends are for.


This is a new part to my site.  And Techie Two is getting a bit stressed with me since he hasn’t quite got the other parts on the new site and already I’m making more work for him….little bit like when they were kids and before you’d got one room clean they’d ‘had fun’ in the rest of the house……..


So the deal here is that I am going to affiliate two bookish sites.  I’ll tell you more about them when we get the new site up – it’s so close I can feel it!


But I want to have a section for people to come and look for books for various age groups of kids.  I want it to have book reviews from young to teenage children, and some from parents/adults, saying what they liked and didn’t like;  as we know some people feel their children are too young for some concepts, other people’s children have moved on to that level of understanding and are bored by simpler books;  there’s always people’s beliefs and values that they like to keep in mind when they are buying.


Every Christmas I see people looking for recommendations for books to buy as presents.


This is where I’d like to ask for help.  I would like to have a section here divided into: Toddlers/Preschoolers.

Primary Schoolers

High Schoolers.

And have lists of books, and reviews of them by kids, and by their parents.

I want it to be a useful resource.

If people choose to go on to order books through my affiliated sites that is nice for me, but it is entirely up to them.  Whatever they do with the information, the resource will be here for us all.

So, I’m going to get cracking again with this Book Review Competition.

I will let you know the finish date soon.  July was just too hard with all the different school holidays in different states.

Also, I think that in this sort of competition where a name is pulled out, there must be a question to be answered to win.

That question will be………….What would be the name you would like to see on your book voucher?  If you’re not sure what your name is your parents are allowed to help!


I’d love everyone to ask their children if they could do a short book review.  Not a 2 page minibook;  I think kids know what they like and don’t like about books and if we listen to it we can learn a lot.  So ask away.  I will be posting details of how to enter in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.

Any child can enter as long as their parents approve they may email in their entry at the time.  No details will be kept on this site.  Once winners have been posted and notified all identifying details will be wiped.

Parents, if you are thinking books for Christmas then get writing and let me know what your preferences are for your children.

You will need to note the age group and school section as well since some children start school/high school earlier than others.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to this!  Children’s books are so interesting these days!

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