Aromatherapy…………Countrystyle! Oh yeah.

Wow, we have had some awesome rain.  The best sort really.  Some light gentle rain to soften the ground.


Then some heavier rain, to soak in.


Then a whole flipping heap of rain with gale winds, mud, puddles, rivers, dams overflowing.  Waterways that people had forgotten existed any more flowing?  trickling?  NO, rushing away!


Had to put the car into 4WD to get up the driveway as usual in the rain.

The horses are standing butt to the ute, using it as a wind break.  They do have other shelter, but no they prefer to stand up here looking pitiful.

There will be no hand feeding till the electric fence is working – I know you know how to get into the feed shed when it’s not!


So here I am.  In the house.  Bringing in wet wood for the fire, drying it out half and then putting it on.

The dogs smelt pretty rank when they came in.  But now they’ve dried off they are not too bad.

Same can’t be said of their still wet dog bedding, and a horse rug hanging around the fire place steaming………..


And if you are finding you can cope with that………..the cat’s decided that it’s too d@mn wet to go out and will not share a litter box.


They will however share the pot the lemongrass is planted in!  Not nice, kitties!  Not nice.



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