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Losing weight is such fun isn’t it?  After not losing weight for a week or two and then the broken scales I couldn’t be sure.  But my clothes seem to be a bit looser around the middle which I like.  So I found an old pair of scales at work and it would appear I’ve lost another kilo!  Woohoo!  Yes, I’m happy again.  It just doesn’t seem fair when you aren’t eating loads of rubbish if you DON’T lose weight!  The good thing is that I am still listening to my Weightloss Mp3 and I am still not feeling hungry all the time;  or just eating because I’m tired, bored, just can’t be bothered.  It’s great.  Savoury muffins at the local coffee shop that normally call out to me from the time I join the queue until the time I recieve my coffee are still saying ‘Eat me, you know you want to’  But my head is calmly saying ‘Nice muffins, but no you don’t want to eat them.’  It’s awesome.  I’m so not a diet person.  And this ‘not so young’ part of life is doing bad things to my shape.   So the count now is 4.7 kilos down.  I want to lose another 9 because I like a nice round figure in numbers that is not in my skin!  So still aiming for 70 kilos.  Altho 74 is a nice number, so let’s see how I go.  Of course, after reviewing the photos of the recent party I’m thinking less is best especially when the photo is of your big fat 0.404868 hectare (otherwise known as your big fat acre!)   Wish me luck and if you want to have a look at the weightloss Mp3 here is the link Get started today with the help of this subliminal weight loss album.

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