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Techie Two is making me a very whizzbang type website for my blog.  He’s been making it for a while.  It is starting to look really, really good.  But it’s not finished yet, because there’s farm stuff to be done, and relaxing stuff to be done.  When The New Website for Mum’s Blog is finished I’ll have a big opening……….post!  😉

In the meantime tho, here we are.  Blog, blog, blogging along.  I’ve been a bit stressed and busy lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from blogging about the stress and busy before.  Lately, everytime I come on to the site there are comments………..nasty spammy comments.  Hundreds of the b*ggers.  And by the time I have deleted them I’m too tired to even think let alone type.   He informed my that machines do this stuff automatically and there was not someone with more time than good manners out there sending all this cr@p.

Techie Two suggested a Capture thingamy on the comments section, and then said ‘Nah, it’ll slow me down with the new site if I have to do that too.’  Well I’m telling you my delete finger is worn to a stub so I’ve been hassling him about it and today he did it………….that nasty, evil child of mine!  I came in to see if it was done and he had it nearly finished.

A noice litte rectanglar box with some letters or numbers in it to copy………….not on your flipping nelly!  That monster child/adult had made one with a little square box then x 9 = a number.  So you would have to know your times tables……..or work it out……..and then enter it.  Hello?  Considering how many years of Times Tables Horror I lived thru with them, do you think I want to torture other people with it?  Son?  You think people feel like doing that?  They’ll just cancel the page – I would.


Apparently unknown to me, the rest of the word would LOVE to do their 9 times tables everytime they look at my blog!  Apparently, if my readers think it’s too much effort then they are not worth a comment.  Apparently if my blog is not worth doing your 9 times tables then………….


There were serious, short words exchanged.  There was a mexican standoff.  There was some denigrating of people’s characters, their abilities, and whether they would like to move out of my house and go somewhere else!  And after much whinging on the nasty boy child’s part, he sucked it up, he was the bigger person, he behaved like a well brought up young man and fixed my comment box.  He’s allowed to stay – till the next time he turns despicable.


Honestly, can you imagine ANYONE wanting to do their 9 times tables?  I’d have to teach you all that cheat stuff about it – and that’s hard to blog – I’d have to get someone to take photos of my hands so you could see how it works.  Too much trouble.  I’m so glad he saw reason (even if I had to threaten him to do it.)  And now I will be waiting to see if the nasty spammy comments have pinged off.  Here’s hoping.

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