And the hackers go on.

Techie Two has just reclaimed his sisters laptop from malaware.  3 days it took him, non stop.  So he tried to explain to me about it.  And I got side tracked into the Password changing/remembering angle.


It’s fairly obvious, Mum.

It’s not always obvious to me, that’s what worries me.

It’s fairly simple, Mum.

It’s not always simple to me though :/


Then he said – but you only go on people’s blogs and fb, and a forum or two Mum.


It’s not like you’re always calling me and saying ‘Hey Techie Two, The US Govt wants me to pay them a fine for downloading pornography, or something (apparently there are sites that will encrypt your own files and then ask you to pay to get them un-encrypted – who knew?)  And no, I don’t do porn any way.


My reply to Techie Two’s question on paying the fine?  Well, son I’d just tell them to talk to the Nigerians who apparently have quite a few million on hold for me…….That’s what I call making the internet work for you 😀

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