Am I ready for the digital TV changeover?

Probably not!  We live in a mobile blackspot here.  A broadband  blackspot.  And possibly a digital tv blackspot!  We got a ‘thingumy’ for the tv not really sure if its a digital set top box or a digital amplifier…or something entirely different!  I don’t do that ‘techie stuff’ that’s what I put up with my teenagers for.  Recently I went into the ‘techie stuff shop’ in town – I was told by my techie’s what I needed.  Once I got there of course and told the sales assistant he had a question for me?  I didn’t know what he was talking about – so I explained what I could to him;  and he decided that it must be something else entirely, and just as I was about to take half the shop home (and bring back the bits I didn’t need the next day) I heard that sound that all untechie mums love…Hi Mum!  Woohoo – my techie’s are here, sort it out with them (and they did in two seconds and two sentences!) And I just pay for it.  So we have got ‘something’ hooked up to the TV.  There are a couple of things that I fear about changing over to digital only reception. 

One is that we had some digital channels recently – and they were the only ones that had pictures and no sounds;  or the plain blue screen with no sounds.  I’m not against change, or improvements…but I would like them to include pictures AND sounds – I’m just picky I know! 

The other thing that is a bit of a worry is the Antennae.  We already have two up there – and one is not very secure I might add.  Then there is the broadband satellite.  It’s getting a bit crowded frankly.  I don’t do heights either so I send the kids up there to fix things for me – they used to love hanging about on the roof;  also jumping off it onto the trampoline conveniently placed at the corner of the house – but the combination of their ‘grown man’ weight and the speed or velocity or whatever it is called, broke the trampoline mat and that’s banned now.  The trampoline will stay at least 4 metres away from the house! They did once take their friends and some decks chairs up there which was odd – I thought having 90 acres was enough for us and friends, but I guess the view was uninterrupted! 

Anyways, back to the antennae.  I think I’ll be bound to need a new one for digital reception.  You know you never have the right one do you?  They talk on the tv about just ‘getting your antenna person out to give you advice.’  I’m thinking that they don’t live 30 K’s out of town when they expect people to come out and give you free advice?  It doesn’t happen here.  Even when you pay people they are loathe to drive 30 k’s for a job if they can get 10 jobs in a 3 k radius in town.  Like I said I don’t do heights so I’m not going to ‘Do It Myself’ and I don’t trust those teens on the roof with a drill, a bucket of screws and a tall piece of metal.  We are in a high wind area – I can’t help thinking that either the antenna or the roof will take off if it’s not done properly.  And the more things on the roof the more leverage there’ll be in the wind.  I don’t want a leaking roof either for some reason…fussy fussy woman I am. 

Really the one positive (apart from the possibility of having pictures and/or sound) when they change over to digital is that there will be more choice on the roof.  This is important.  When its really freezing/frosty weather here the local birds sit on the antennae.  Because they are close to the flue from the fire place.  And when there are two many birds on them the tv goes off.  You have to scream out ‘GET OF THERE YOU B*GGERS’ and some of them do and the tv comes back on.  So how many birds will fit on this new antenna  before it stops working and will it be strong enough to withstand that?  I’ll be leaving the other antennae up as well, to provide choice, and save too much wear and tear (of the birdy kind) on the new antenna and also because the screws holding in the old antennae will cause the roof to leak!  

If there’s too much more techie stuff planned for my roof I may have to get a new one shortly!  Wonder if the solar panels are heavy enough to hold the roof down?  or more inclined to make the roof take off…

I have heard that there are indoor digital tv antenna but somehow I don’t see them working in an ‘electronic blackspot.’   It’s a pity this particular place is so beautiful in every other way – just not electronically ;(  I’m not giving up the views, the peace and tranquillity, the mountains, the bush for a mobile phone, a fast reliable broadband access or a digital tv.  If worst comes to worst I’ll read a book, and watch the sunset with a glass of wine – at least there’s no advertisements!  Oh yeah, we don’t have paytv either!

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