Academic Academic Academic!

Oh that repetition makes my blood boil!  Is that all school is about?  I find it hard that these days anyone who is not aiming for University courses is looked upon oddly.  There are professions (like mine and many others) where the person who just excels at the university course struggles badly in the work situation.  Some things need people skills – honed to perfection – and then all the learning behind.  Tafe is considered a poor cousin.  Apprenticeships…oh well, if that’s what they want, I suppose.

And yet schools do espouse on their websites and handbooks the sporting, the artisitc, the theatrical, and the pastoral care of the children in their care.  How they encourage broad range of extracurricula activities, enforce some in fact.  But they seem to be far less inclined to acknowledge these other achievements.  Does the school stand up on stage and call upon those who planted trees, measured water purity, helped in the canteen when extra hands were needed, assisted at the local primary school with reading projects, and with timing races and setting up jumps for the primary school athletics?  The swimming carnival participants, athletics, snowsports, drama, art exhibitions?  Or is it only those who excel in something that will fit in with the ‘Academic’ stream of school?  It sucks big time.  My blood boils and my heart bleeds for those kids and teens who sit for hours, year after year, knowing they are going to get nothing.  Or get a slight mention for the one thing that they are ok at, amongst those who excel in every single subject.  The wooden looks on their faces;  the shoulder hunches;  the eyes averted;  the ‘I don’t care’ body language.  Well I do care!    And it’s not that my kids don’t get any of those awards these days.  They didn’t when they were little with learning difficulties (tried 300% harder than someone who found it easy but got no recognition.)  But nowadays they swing up to get an award or two.  But my blood boils when I hear that ‘Academic Academic Academic.’  There is so much more to a person than what they know academically and can regurgitate in assignments and tests.  So many more things that are hard to measure but make a person fabulous.  So I would like to see two Awards ceremonies.  One for those who excel in the Academics.  And one for those who are just plain fabulous people!  They rock.  And I’d like to be there to clap and yahoo for each and every one of them.  Un-Academically yours….Feral

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