A Walk – with a girl and a horse – at sunset.

Well, we’ve had some rain here, which is fantastic!  Has been so dry for so long.  And not a blade of grass to bless ourselves with going into winter 🙁


We’ve been doing the budget in, buying in hay.  We’ve got a great hay supplier – good heavy bales, and it sticks to the ribs!  But between feeding 5 horses that once a day, two horses that for the second time a day, and hard feed once a day for the oldies, it’s costly.


And they stand around in their feed areas just waiting for you to come out.  It’s pitiful.

It is for us anyway.  I guess horses that normally only have a stable, or a stable and day yard, would be there waiting for their feed anyways.  But ours are usually out in the paddock.  If there might be some feed going, or a treat, they’ll come over for a looksee.  They’ll go through the groceries if you’re not careful.  But they are otherwise, out there in the paddock…….somewhere.



The last few days have been good.  We had a lot of rain, slow soft rain, which softens the waterresistant ground first, then good soaking rain that can go down into the ground.  The dams are pretty full now.  And the river is running high (well that’s not so good – see)

But with just a few hours of sunshine – not much, but just enough to bring a hint of green to the paddocks, the horses are beginning to move away from the feeding area during the day and night.  Often one will stand and watch the back door lol, and act as watch horse.  The others moving to where the grass is coming through.  The watch horse lets them know when we move around the house yard and they all  come over smartly!

Seeing some grass coming through means that the budget may get slightly more manageable in the near future.  Which is a good thing, since the other budget gobbler – good wood – red wood – well seasoned – chopped and delivered – and needed in these -8C nights, is very much needed for the next 2 months at least.

Yesterday, son and I went down to survey the river height.  Yep, well and truly over the pumpsite.  Knew it would be, but you try to stay optimistic until you see it with your own eyes.  It’s kind of like having a split personality in some ways.  Water:  rain:  desperate for; obsessed with.

Vs:  pumpsite access; weed control.


Yes, that dirty word!  Weed control.  On the way back from the pumpsite, son and I folded up about 700 metres of solarising black plastic.


Then we went for a stroll in the flat paddock.  And there are the newly shooting Serrated Tussocks, and a patch of African Hategrass.  So we had a little chat as we walked, over what our first strategies of the season will be.  There will be a separate section shortly on this website. One strictly for the dirty word subjects.  Weeds, that is.  We’re doing things, and I want to document them.  For those who are interested, and want to see what worked for us.  What didn’t, and give them some inspiration……..or maybe an example of what not to do!  Probably all of that 😀


Back to the house, and Teenage daughter called from room cleaning duties, to ride her horse.

The lovely spotted boy.  Le Spot.  I love that horse.  He’s such a people horse.  I can’t part with him yet.

I’ve got a glass of red in hand, and watching the girl teen walk out to Le Spot, who walks off!  He’s been enjoying his holidays!  Then when she turns away……he stands and waits for her.  D@mn horse!  Looks funny tho 😀   Le Spot gets in trouble from daughter, because he’s wanting to come over and smooch to Mum, while she is trying to saddle him.


She’s on and I ask if they want me to walk up and open the gate?  She can jump on and off much easier than me, but saves time, and stops the other two trying to tailgate Le Spot, out onto the fire trail.   And yes they do.


I slog up uphill to the top gate.  With glass.  Le Spot and teenager canter up easily.  It’s lovely seeing him move so rhythmically in a gentle canter.  And even more awesome is when she asks him to stop.  And he does.  Just like that.  No fight, no pulling, no dodging.  Just stop.  He’s got good brakes.  Daughter has done such a lot of work with him, it’s a pleasure just to watch them!

A lovely quiet, gently chill, walk along the fire trail, with a girl and a horse, and a glass of red, at sunset.   Life’s good.


I sit down on a hill with a view and prepare to sip my wine and wait till they have ridden out a bit further.  But no, they’re back!  The trail is very steep and the Big Hill is like a slip n slide, so we’re back to the paddock.  There goes my Fire Trail Sunset.

Instead I get to watch Le Spot behaving like an absolute gentleman and having a short but enjoyable ride in the paddock.  I get to watch some of it, but not all.


Because Harry the Larrikin is over, smooching to me, getting a pat, and a rub, and then walking in front of me so I can’t see Le Spot and Le Teenager – because Harry is the most important horse!

Yes, Harry, and you are next on my  To-Do List……….did I tell you that?  Yes, you are!

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