A saturday in my country life…

An early-ish start today to get the horse ridden.  At least the rain stopped until the riding teacher left.  Of course she may not have been able to leave if it had started to rain, our new driveway has changed from ‘The canyons from hell’ to a ‘Slip and Slide’ track.  Wasn’t sure I’d get back in today.  So naughty lazy horse ridden.  Was picking up some extra things to take to the tip with one of the boys when I fell into one of the holes the dog dug, as now we have grass you can’t see them properly.  First of all the dog digs the hole, then she dances all over you while you lay in the grass cursing her uphill and down dale.  Ears flipping, ready to rush in and play with you as soon as you say the word!  Bluddy dog! One strapped ankle, and hitting the homeopathic Arnica hard.  One trip to the tip down. Many to go later as the boys have finally cleaned out the shed. 

Teenage learner driver drives into town, after first almost driving over a fairly good sized red-belly black snake half way down the drive; I drive back home;  back into town with girl who is doing Dragon Boat racing on Lake Jindabyne tomorrow (that’s another two trips, the fun part of living out of town is the driving.)  Practice is today.  Its absolutely P’ing down when I head into Aldi ( TG you came to Cooma.)  Bonus is I find they have those $10 mp3 players left, so I get a few more – because, well, you know, some people leave them in their pants pocket and they get washed!  Farout!  I’ll probably check my own pockets from now on before I put them in the wash – oops!  Heading out home again, foot is absolutely killing me (accelerator/brake ankle of course, and the one I hurt years ago.)  The driveway is now like a skating rink.  I’d put the little car into 4 wheel drive except someone did that once and it got stuck in it so I’m not too keen to go there?

Did I mention that I put a spider bomb in the laundry before I took the girl into town?  Left the linen cupboard doors open.  Well let me tell you that freaking MASSIVE huntsman is now hanging out in the hallway, between the toilet, my room, and the rest of the house.  The surface spray is nowhere to be found (do you spose the spider loving boys hid it?)  and I swear ‘that thing’ is watching me!  There’s another in the bathroom but it’s small by comparison!  Bugger, Bugger, Bugger! 

So here I am, with no surface spray, but with an aching ankle, surrounded by cats on the lounge, and unable to go to the toilet.  Of course that’s a good thing when you’re planning on slipping out (haha on that driveway) to pick up the kids.  I won’t be held responsible for the condition of the drivers seat!  When I stopped for petrol the guy asked me how my day was going…I think I’ll pop in when I go to pick the kids up and tell him how the rest of it is panning out!  I’m planning on having a drink if I make it back home again.

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