A chook update

Here’s some photos of the Frank and the girls.

rooster and 3 chooks free ranging


Franks not camera shy, in fact, it’s hard to get a shot of the girls without him wandering into it.


Margaret and Frank

That tail is looking very swish there Hotlips.  Margaret is getting so BIG!  Frank is looking like a small bird now.



Margaret looking like a bird on a mission here…..until she realised I had no food for them.


Wait?  Aren’t they supposed to be free ranging?   Funnily enough, although they shoot out of the coop in the morning, they run straight to the layer/scratch mix that we give them – it’s not organic.  But it is hormone and anti biotic free.  And if they see you in the paddock they come up to see if there’s anything you might give them.


If you think that your free ranging chooks will be content just eating what they can find – think again!


The other funny thing is that they are frequently found in the coop when the weather is hot, not in the shade of their little forest.  Midday will find them up on the perches making chookie noises to themselves.


Still, for all Margaret is becoming a big bird…there is no egg yet!  Best get and buy a plastic one to put in the laying box so that I’m not having to crawl around the forest looking for them.


Come on, Margaret, Lay an egg – you know you want to!


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