3 teenagers…………is this going to be difficult?

I’ve been dreading today for a long time………….No: 3 child joined the ranks of teenager today!

Looking on the bright side – after today I’m a day closer to getting 2 of them out ‘the other side!’


It’s funny in a way to think that I have no ‘children’, only teenagers, left.


The last one seems to be the easiest…………so far.  Which is good because I had  two hit the teenage years together……..and lets face it, those preteen years are almost as bad.

In fact, it’s almost worse since you keep wondering ‘If they are this difficult as a preteen, how difficult can they get when they ARE a teen?’


It seems that a lot of parents dread the teenage years more than almost any other years.

We all seem to be talking about ‘Coping with teenagers’.

How to communicate with them?

Do they actually grunt?  Well yes, sometimes they do.

Sometimes grunting is the nicer part of communicating with them.  But not always.


Is it a stressful time in families?  Yes, I’d have to say that it is for most families.


Is it impossible to get through in one piece?  Mostly.

There are so many things involved in raising children at all, let alone in the teenage years.

When you consider the needs of teenagers – they need to learn to be independent;  they need to be able to motivate themselves;  make decisions;  use their initiative;  convince teachers, parents, other teenagers and adults that they can be trusted; have opinions, with reasons for them;


They are expected to treat others with respect, kindness, and good humour.


But when you look at how teenagers are often portrayed its quite negative.

They are ‘always’ rude; selfish; don’t treat people (especially family) with respect, and can’t make an effort to do things.


There seems to be an expectation by a lot of teens that they will be treated this way too.


If you listen to teens tho they are very interesting and quite ‘normal’ surprise, surprise.


When we had a 15th party sleepover weekend I spent most of the weekend keeping a profile, but a low profile.

As long as night time found the girls up one end of the house and the boys up the other end all was good.


I filled garbage bags occasionally and put out food on a regular periodic schedule.


The rest of the time I spent in my room, or hanging around in a hammock on the deck.  It was like I was invisible in my hammock.


I heard them chatting together about many things.  So apart from separating me from a large amount of money at the supermarket, the weekend made me realise that ‘I quite like the people that these kids are turning into.’


They were whinging about their parents and guess what they said?  ‘They just don’t listen to me!  (shock horror, we’d never say that about teens)’ and ‘They just don’t hear what I’m saying, they always have their own agenda and want to talk about that.  I hate it!’

Now that doesn’t sound familiar either does it?  Well actually, very familiar here.




I like the way this site talks about teenagers.


Sometimes I feel like we expect teenagers to be difficult, nasty, uncommunicative, and then we notice it because that’s what we’re expecting.


I like to see them being written about like they really matter.


They are very special, and I hope they feel that they are.

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