3 Drunks and a Bandicoot

People I know, are talking about products, anything with odd names.  And what they like or more, don’t like.


And someone said Wine with funny names, they don’t like that.  I have to disagree with that one.  I absolutely love wine with funny names.

Even in my price range, or maybe especially in my price range, the names can be really interesting.  I like ones that make me laugh.

I might not like the taste of the wine, no matter what the name is, but if you want to catch my eye, and my wallet, make me laugh first.


I don’t do the dreamy pictures on a label thing though.   Oh no, no, no!

I am not stupid.  I know, drunk or sober, there’s no way I’m going to look like that bird on the label.


The first thing I thought of for a wine label was ‘3 Drunks and a Bandicoot.’

A  little more catchy than ‘3 Drunks and a Feral Wombat,’ altho that could be the red version I guess.   I

t reminded me of having a conversation (whilst sober) about wombats.  Ours had been in the yard again, and we were trying to get it to go out, but being a wombat if you touched it or came near it, it would run AT you rather than away.


The people we were talking to said that YES!  They’re b*ggers!


They had been walking home in the dark.  Just a little starlight, but not a ruddy great moon to light the way.

They saw a wombat on the road and thought they’d shoo it off, so it didn’t get run over…………….well, think again, they said!

The d@mn thing started chasing them down this potholed, dirt road in the dark, and they were laughing, and running, and tripping, and all they could hear was it making these grunting hissy sorts of sounds and still coming along.  But they couldn’t SEE it.


And that, my friends, is what a bottle of wine should do.  Make you laugh before you even open it!  Cheers!



Do not be mistaken about the speed these chunky furry bulldozers can get up to when they want to……..it’s impressive.

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